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Hi there. Welcome to my website. My name is Kari (that is pronounced KAH-Ree and not KAR-ee) and I am a transwoman and digital artist and writer. I have been creating online for nearly two decades at this point. Most of my work is themed around transformation, and not in the metaphorical sense, but usually a physical change of beastly proportions.

However that is not ALL my work is.

I also like to explore concepts such as bigotry and acceptance and what is is to be different in a world that demands normality. In my work I often use conditions like Lycanthropy to represent LGBTQ+ individuals, and their struggles with finding acceptance in a world that judges them for simple being who and what they are. I feel that having a forum in which to discuss this has helped me immensely over the years, and even helped me come to terms with my own transness.

I hope you enjoy my work, links to my various art galleries can be found above.

Thanks for stopping by!

Full Moon